Tuna mousse flavored with basil 63 g


Tonfiskmousse smaksatt med basilika 63 g

Aromatic and velvety soft tuna mousse

The tuna mousse flavored with basil has a velvety soft mouthfeel and a wonderfully aromatic taste. The finished tuna mousse is suitable for salty mouthfuls as well as for filling Patong!

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The velvety tuna mousse flavored with basil is as such ready to eat and enjoy. The main raw material of the mousse is a high quality whitefin tuna called the king of tuna. Fresh basil and a hint of tomato bring a pleasant aroma to the mousse in all its simplicity. Apart from first-class ingredients, no other additives or artificial flavors are needed for the tuna mousse.

White tuna (40 %), butter, crème fraiche, water, egg, fish, sunflower oil, milk, spices, basil, milk proteins
Vit Tonfisk (40%), smör, crème fraiche, vatten, ägg, fisk, solrosolja, mjölk, kryddor, basil, mjölkproteiner

Additional information

Weight 60g
Ean code: 3660088100442
Full box: 20

Energy: 893kJ / 215kcal Fat: 16.9g of which saturated: 4.09g Carbohydrates: 0.8 g jbuy sugar: 0.8g Protein: 14.8g Salt: 1.4g Fiber:


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