Tuna with olive and capers spread 63g

Tonfiskpasta med Oliver och kapris 63g


Tasty and ready-made salty mouthful

Tuna paste flavored with olives and capers is a delicious ready-to-use paste, for example, eaten on bread or with potatoes. Provencal herbs and olive oil create a pastoral Mediterranean flavor. Also try it with pasta!

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La Telle-flavored tuna paste, “thoïonade”, flavored with olive and capers, is made from prestigious and high-quality white tuna. Black olives, capers, Provencal herbs and spices make tuna paste a tasty and aromatic mouthful that is suitable to be enjoyed in many different ways as an appetizer or in various oven dishes, for example. No unnecessary additives or preservatives have been used in the paste, all flavors come from pure ingredients.

White tuna (35%), olives (18.5%), egg, virgin olive oil capers (9.7%), spices
Vitf Tonfisk (35%), Oliver (18,5%), black, capricious (9,7%), flyer

Additional information

Weight 60g
Ean code: 3660088100831
Full box: 20

Energy: 915kJ / 221kcal Fat: 17.3g of which saturated: 3.36g Carbohydrates: 2.2g jbuy sugar: 0.3g Protein: 13.5g Salt: 2.3g Fiber:


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