Whole chestnuts in water 439g


The whole chestnuts of Clément Faugier, a French company specializing in chestnuts, have first been boiled in water and then preserved whole in water. For example, whole chestnuts can be fried as a side dish or used in various meat pans. By pureing the chestnuts, you can get a tasty side dish for both meat and poultry dishes or, for example, stuffing for desserts and baking.

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Chestnuts are a popular ingredient in French cuisine and are used in a wide variety of both salty and sweet foods. Cooked whole chestnuts in water can be used as such, for example, as a side dish for meat or added to various casserole dishes. In baking, its possibilities are limitless, especially when pureed. In addition to pastries, chestnut puree tastes wonderful in chocolate mousse, for example. Chestnut is also a tasty and seasonal ingredient for Christmas treats!

chestnut, water
chestnut, cotton wool

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Weight 440 g
Ean code: 0022314020123
Full box: 24

Energy: 445kJ / 105kcal Fat: 1.2g of which saturated: 0.44g Carbohydrates: 20g jbuy sugar: 4g Protein: 1.7g Salt: <0.01g Fiber: 3.9g


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