Organic whole peeled Italian tomatoes 550g


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Hela scalade italienska tomater 550g

At the best time of summer, August, these delicious organic tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun are picked by hand. After 48 hours, they have already turned into this delicious canned food. Fresh tomatoes are peeled and stuffed with organic passata and cooked without added salt. Tomatoes can be used just like fresh tomatoes.

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Canned tomatoes from Mariangela Prunotto in Italy are made from the highest quality and always completely organic ingredients. The products do not use sugar, concentrates or dried herbs. No salt has been used in whole peeled tomatoes.
The method of preparation in tomatoes is very simple and fast, which preserves the aromas of Italian tomatoes at their best, as they were at harvest. When tomatoes are picked at the right time, whole canned tomatoes taste even better than fresh! And at the same time, you can use them anytime outside the harvest season.

100% fresh Italian tomatoes
100% Färska italienska tomater

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