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  • delicacy package delice min

    The delicacy package contains the following products:
    1311 - Tillipesto 90g
    1313 - Olive Flush 90g
    1312 - Midnight spaghetti sauce - 90g

  • olive bruschetta 90g

    Made from Italian olives, DeliDel’s olive bruschetta is the perfect spread for fresh bread or crackers. As such, it is also great as an accompaniment to a variety of meats and cooked vegetables, as well as to season dishes and dishes. Only natural, high-quality raw materials have been used in the application.

  • dill wash 90g

    DeliDel's own dill pesto is a delicious ready-made sauce suitable for the Nordic taste world. Dill pesto made on olive oil base is suitable as such for pasta sauce, fish and new potatoes, for example.