Condensed milk, unsweetened 410 g


The unsweetened condensed milk, or condensed milk, from the French Bonnet Rouge is made from pure Dutch cow's milk. The condensed milk has a very creamy composition and contains important nutrients for the milk, such as calcium and vitamin B2. In addition, vitamin D has been added to the concentrate. Try hot drinks or baking!

condensed mjölk

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The condensed milk in Bonnet Rouge is made from only the best Dutch milk. It has not been sweetened separately with other substances, so its taste comes only from pure milk.
Try condensed milk in a milkshake, pastry and tea or coffee instead of regular milk. In baking, for example, condensed milk makes delicious fillings for pies and cakes.

Ingredients: whole milk, E339, vitamin D

Content: pearl millet, E339, vitamin D

Possible allergens: milk

Nutritional content:
733kJ / 175kcal Fat: 9.7g of which saturated: 6.6g Carbohydrates: 13.2g jbuy sugar: 13.2g Protein: 8.4g Salt: 0.3g Fiber:


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Weight 410 g (gramma)
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condensed milk unsweetened 410g

Condensed milk, unsweetened 410 g