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The whole grain fusilli of the Morell pasta factory is a healthy and delicious pasta that goes especially well with a variety of tasting sauces. Whole-grain fusilli absorbs the sauce well, which makes the pasta even more palatable. It is well suited for dishes where you want the pasta to retain its shape. For example, try different oven pastes! Cooking time 8 minutes.

Fussilli fullkorn 500g

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Antico Pastificio Morelli is a Tuscan pasta maker that respects the methods of traditional pasta production and was founded in 1860. Its whole grain fusilli is an aromatic and healthy alternative to a wide variety of pasta dishes. Morelli is known for its first-class pastas, which also utilize wheat germ.
Wheat germ is the part of the grain that retains the best vitamins and plant proteins in wheat. Unlike many other manufacturers, Morell's method of grinding flour preserves wheat germ, which also creates its unique taste. In the preparation, the pasta dough is slowly pressed into shape and dried for 36 hours at low temperature, 45 or 50 degrees. This best preserves the aromas and nutritional values of the pasta.

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