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The Nocciolone hazelnut chocolate bar is made from traditional Italian gianduja chocolate and whole Piedmont hazelnuts. Room!

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Made from Piedmont hazelnuts, the Nocciolone hazelnut bar is the perfect treat for nut lovers. It is made from traditional Italian gianduja chocolate, which is a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut paste. In addition to Gianduja chocolate, the Nocciolone bar also contains roasted whole, authentic Piedmont hazelnuts.
D. Barbero is a family business founded in the 19th century that specializes in the traditional production of torrone nougat and chocolates. Local and high-quality ingredients are used in the products, which make the delicacies irresistible. The hazelnut chocolate bar uses only the famous whole Piedmont hazelnuts. Only real cocoa butter and no added vegetable fats are used in the chocolate. The hazelnut chocolate bar also does not contain any genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.
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