Smoked salmon with dill pesto lens bed

For 2 you need

Boil the lentils according to the instructions in plenty of salted water for about 25 minutes. Peel or wash the carrot and cut it into small pieces with a cheese planer. When the lentils are cooked add the carrots and spinach to the boiling water to boil for about 2 minutes. Drain and cool.
Cut the cherry tomatoes into small pieces. Put them in a bowl and pour over the red wine vinegar and oil and chopped chives. Stir and season for a while.
Sekoita 3 kukkurallista teelusikallista tillipestoa linssiseokseen ja asettele seos lautasille. Lisää lohta ja avokadosiivut ja koristele tomaattisalaatilla ja esim tuoreella tillillä. Hyvä Riesling lasiin ja kynttilät palamaan. Nythän on syksy!

DeliDelin Laura has been a chef and a passionate recipe experimenter for 20 years.